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Founded on 1975 by Malavolta Carlo, boasts long experience in farm equipment, spares part production especially for land working machine, based on typical production flexibility of small factory.


Become D.M.L. Zappe Srl form November 2011, keeps on the production and trading of blades for motor hoes and trenchers, blades for grass clipping, teeth for rotary harrows, blades for shrub-cutting machine, hammer for pruning-crusher machine or shredder, shares for beet-diggers and many other farm machine parts for land working.


Every articles are made in water hardened steel. In order to optimize the market’s d

emand, D.M.L. Zappe Srl has always provided to satisfy the customer’s need by making goods on specific user requests.


The attentive and personalized service is fast and at the same time ensures reliability.